Post Falls Education Foundation


Post Falls Education Foundation
P.O. Box 2083
Post falls, Idaho 83877

January 2012


As President of the Post Falls Education foundation, I encourage you to understand our mission and the efforts we have made to improve the quality of education in the classrooms of the Post Falls School District. We are a 501 c 3 non-profit group not directly associated with the school district, but we operate as a supporting foundation group.


Our goal is simple; to offer teachers of Kindergarten through twelfth grade, the opportunity to easily apply for grant money to be used for creative and innovative classroom materials not included in the regular school district budget. Recognizing that students have many different learning styles, the equipment, books, manipulatives, curriculum enhancements, and visual and audio tools that the teachers request can greatly improve the students’ opportunities to learn.


In the last fifteen years we have awarded over $374,000 directly to classroom teachers. The funds are raised from our annual fundraising event, Wine, Stein and Dine. Wine, Stein and Dine has evolved into a wonderful, quality event that our community can be proud of.


While we are continually faced with budget shortfalls to provide quality schools, the Post Falls Education Foundation is calling on the business community to join us in increasing the support we can provide to very appreciative teachers and students in Post Falls.


I hope you will join other generous local businesses and support exceptional educational opportunities for our students.




Jack Sjostrom


Post Falls Education Foundation


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